Sunday, January 10, 2010

Edited footwear

Doc Martens are my love, but nowadays everyone has those 10 buckle steel cap ones, I have them for about 7 years now. They were black. I decided to change them a bit, with silver spray I made them look like this. I love them, and they fit great with black and white.

Another are sneakers, which are really cheap but nice. They were just pale white colored. I painted them silver with spray and placed those studs on the top of them. They are pretty nice and rockaholic.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Hair saloon advertise

In about one month before, I participated in making of hair saloon advertise. I am known there as a person with all the time changing hair styles and colors. I went all the way from black, over violet, blue, yellow, turquoise, gray to ash pale blond color.

This time I chose tinny curls, which were made with hair curler. Then I brushed my hair and made a huge fohawk. I am sorry that I don't have finished hairstyle photo, and yeah I am gonna be on television. Oh yes, I also did my friends hair, more like kind of beehive mixed with one another style. It looked amazing as well. I am always happy to share those looks, because not many people are eager to try something new and funky, edgy and different. I just want to make them feel free to try it.

Ordinary Work

One day i woke up, opened my closet and saw just a bunch of clothes that made no sense in my head. I decided to rebuild, fix, tear and color them again.

I chose dark gray ones. Hang them, and start doing moves with brush all over it, with acid, of course. I put them hanging and staying like that for about 2 hours, then I put them into bin with water and bleach, they were in it for a whole night. I woke up, washed them good and dried them. I said to myself, oh goodness, I never thought they would look this good. After that I just placed two side zips at the ends of them, and voila I have a new pair of designer home made jeans.

La Nouveau Gothique

I'm always excited when I see a good gothic piece of clothing, good old black color, in a whole new way and concept. I was looking through some amazing editorials, and I found some amazing photos. I was like, Oh God Thank You: I always go back to gothic details, they are my all-time favorites.

I love corsetry, amazing textiles, forms, unique and oversized jewelery, unsual hairstyles, strange places for photo shootings.

This hair is hot, and after all I am really thinking about having it someday.

Jacket is amazing, those wings and wide straight shoulders are just the way I like them to be. Tight jeans are my choice, as well.

The complete impression of this look is leaving me breathless. Its more that I watch those photos everyday.

Friday, January 8, 2010


I become really inspired by complete fashion career of Chanel. Karl Lagerfeld just made mix between traditional Chanel and his own style, its a winning mixture.

Being creative all this time is stressful

These days, my mind is full of amazing ideas for clothes. Turning old into new, using old military costume details, mixing black and gold. It's all about living and feeling life through clothes. Making ourselves feeling really good inside, expressing emotions through looks, changing ten times during a day, it's fashion. Being different and unusual, having your own way of thinking, those are really important things in life.

I am mostly into royal, military, Napoleon kind of clothing these days, working hard to make some clothes that really make me feel great. Nowadays, at least I can express my ideas and views through tailor's hands, because there's none of those clothes or even look-a-likes to buy at free market.