Saturday, January 9, 2010

Hair saloon advertise

In about one month before, I participated in making of hair saloon advertise. I am known there as a person with all the time changing hair styles and colors. I went all the way from black, over violet, blue, yellow, turquoise, gray to ash pale blond color.

This time I chose tinny curls, which were made with hair curler. Then I brushed my hair and made a huge fohawk. I am sorry that I don't have finished hairstyle photo, and yeah I am gonna be on television. Oh yes, I also did my friends hair, more like kind of beehive mixed with one another style. It looked amazing as well. I am always happy to share those looks, because not many people are eager to try something new and funky, edgy and different. I just want to make them feel free to try it.

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